The concept

Our concept of pipeless filtration is both simple and effective.

Inspired by outboard engines, the exclusive Desjoyaux system has a completely pipeless design. This eliminates the need for long and costly buried pipe-laying work and reduces the risk of leaks.

Le concept de filtration sans canalisation

 Simplicity brings with it effectiveness

When installed, the unit can straddle the pool wall, be integrated into the structure, or be disguised in the form of a staircase (depending on the options available). Desjoyaux's filtration unit concept features a submerged filtration compartment that also houses the spotlight, and a technical compartment, built into the pool deck.

Our Advantages

• Quick filtration giving exceptional water quality
• The water in the pool is renewed every 2 hours, compared with a usual average time of 6 hours.
• Reduced risk of leaks.
• Quick to install.
• Proven effectiveness.
• Easy maintenance.
• Simple winterisation procedure.
• Decreased pressure losses.
• Reduced after-sales service
• Easy servicing
• Fits all types of new and renovated pool.
• Filter bag patented by Desjoyaux
• Very tough, and inexpensive to maintain.

The technical characteristics

Very fine filtration (6 to 30 microns, compared with 8 microns for bottled mineral water), thanks to Desjoyaux's patented filtering bag.
• Built-in spotlight.
• Corrosion-proof material.
• High filtration power.
• Filter bag functions using partial vacuum on the Desjoyaux filtration range.
• Filtering bag: 6-,15- or 30-micron filter media.
• Easy to use and clean (either using a hose or by washing at 30°C in a washing machine).

The guarantee varies from 2 to 10 years depending on whether the filtration system is built-in or straddled.