Ready to swim

Desjoyaux quality first and foremost is in the installation technique.

At Desjoyaux, your swimming pleasure is guaranteed by our know-how. Our position as world leader for in-ground pools guarantees your pool is "ready to swim".

Installing swimming pools is our core business at Desjoyaux! Perfect installation is the key to ensuring your happiness is complete in and around the pool. To achieve this, Desjoyaux employs professional trained builders who make use of traditional, proven know-how.

1 - The panels are reinforced and cast in concrete on site in a single operation to link the pool floor bed slab and the walls. This creates a free-standing single-piece structure.

2- Once the concrete has been poured, a smooth screed is created on the pool's reinforced concrete bed slab.

3- The pool is then ready to be fitted with the  liner. This is fixed in place using a liner lock that covers the base and walls of the pool and is attached to the top of the casing.

4 - The sturdiness and safety of the entire active permanent casing production process is tested and monitored by Bureau Veritas.