Our commitments

Our family spirit: thinking of the planet, with more environment-friendly swimming pools

At Desjoyaux we are concerned about the future of the planet. Environmental protection is an integral part of our development, which is why we make more environment-friendly swimming pools.

Recycled materials

It's great to have a pool at home - it means the whole family can have fun together. When you buy a Desjoyaux swimming pool you are also helping to protect the environment, since its structure is made from recycled materials.


Water savings: adopt the gyratory filtration system

For a more environment-friendly pool, Desjoyaux has developed a process that allows more economical filtration -  a gyratory filtration system.
It will facilitate water savings by avoiding the usual back wash operation. Thanks to this you will benefit from a more environment-friendly pool, since no treated water will be discharged into the drains. In addition, you will be able to control your water consumption better.