Desjoyaux benefits

7 reasons to choose Desjoyaux swimming pools

A swimming pool's for life... You can trust Desjoyaux, the market leader!

1-150,000 families have already chosen us to design their space for holidays at home.
Desjoyaux is the world leader for concrete in-ground swimming pools, a trusted reference brand for more than 45 years.

2-A comprehensive product range - your swimming pool is envisaged like an extra room added to your home
The Desjoyaux product range goes beyond the pool itself, with accessories, decoration, robots, shelters, etc. You can use a Desjoyaux pool in a thousand and one different ways.

3-Innovation makes your life simpler, with pipeless filtration and a patented structure
There is no technical compartment, less risk of leaks, a structure designed to be simple and safe to assemble, a unique concept that leaves room for pleasure, and nothing but pleasure.

4-A French family-run company proud of its values
The Desjoyaux family comes from the Saint Etienne area, and continues to design and manufacture the structure, the stairs and even the paving in its French production plant.

5-You will certainly be able to find a Desjoyaux representative near you.
With our network of 450 dealers in 80 countries, we provide locally-based service to help you with your project.

6-The reassurance of an international group for guaranteed peace of mind!

7-We put the priority on every family, with easy payment terms so that everybody can enjoy their holiday at home.