Desjoyaux know-how

Desjoyaux Swimming Pools: from a family challenge to international know-how

The Desjoyaux swimming pool started out as a personal experience, and has now become a success story based on a concept and know-how.

Desjoyaux, the inventor!

Jean Desjoyaux imagined a simple product accessible for everyone, so that other families could enjoy the same happiness as his.
A new type of swimming pool based on two exclusive concepts: the single-piece structure (link to inspiration log / essentials / structure / casing) and pipeless filtration.  (link to inspiration log / essentials / filtration / pipeless).
The Desjoyaux swimming pool became popular very quickly. It continues to be successful today, thanks to its simplicity, craftsman's production values applied on an industrial scale, and the endless possibilities that it offers in terms of shapes, options, equipment, etc.
Today Desjoyaux is the world's leading manufacturer of concrete in-ground swimming pools, supplying more than 14,000 pools* every year, on all 5 continents.

(* 2009 figure)


45 years of Desjoyaux in 15 key dates

1966: Jean Desjoyaux, a self-employed builder, builds his first swimming pool so that his children can be on holiday at home.

1969: The Desjoyaux Bâtiment company is formed, operating in the building trade, tiling and in constructing swimming pools.
"All the disadvantages of the building trade combined in a single structure"  Jean Desjoyaux

1974: After testing several methods for building swimming pools, Jean Desjoyaux invents a new casing system and founds the Forez Piscines company to develop this new concept.
He is joined by his first dealer, Patrice Payre at Clermont Ferrand.
During this period, on average Desjoyaux is supplying 120 swimming pools per year.

1978: The first patent for permanent active casing is filed, 4 years after having the idea. The composition of this permanent active casing has changed over time.

1983: Creation of a pipeless filtration system, a revolutionary product at the time.  

1984: Development of a network of exclusive dealers, partly thanks to this unique concept.

1988: Opening up to foreign markets, with deployment in Spain first of all.

1991: Investment in a new production site, marking the transition from craftsmanship to industrialisation. Desjoyaux puts swimming pools within everyone's reach, thanks to the reduction in price.
The number of pools supplied per year rises to an average of 4,456.

1992: Listing on the second market of the Paris Stock Exchange.
The beginning of recycling of plastic materials.

1997: First swimming pool brand on television.

2000: The new logo shows the family name only, to make it easier to pronounce in export markets.
Recycling of HDPE bales in the structure.

2006: Already over 300 points of sale in 70 countries!

2007: Installation of a new grinding plant with a capacity of 9,000 T/year, integration of production techniques and processes on the site.
13,930 pools per year on average!

2011: Integration of liner manufacturing

Today: The children whose dad built the first swimming pool have been joined by the whole family to continue promoting the Desjoyaux company.
Over the last 5 years, 50 million euros have been invested to offer you even more happiness.