Family spirit

Desjoyaux, inventing swimming pools that plunge you into holiday mode.

Desjoyaux has invented a swimming pool that is easy to install and maintain, bringing happiness to every family. A swimming pool enables you to be on holiday at home, enjoyed in a thousand and one different ways, at any time of day or year.

L'esprit de famille

Everybody has the right to a swimming pool!

One day in 1966, Jean Desjoyaux decided he wanted to give his family a swimming pool. Having made this decision, he undertook to build it himself. The pool brought laughter, fun and wonderful memories. It also brought friends, neighbours, and a relaxed atmosphere reminiscent of the best holidays. With this first pool, Jean Desjoyaux realised that a swimming pool is not just concrete, coping stones and water, it is also contagious happiness, a shared family spirit. And for Jean Desjoyaux, every family should have the right to enjoy this kind of swimming pool!

One swimming pool but many different lives!

A swimming pool creates a new area in the home, which is like no other: unique and constantly changing. At the moment it's a library. Later on, it will be a games room. Tonight it will be a lounge club. Tomorrow it might be a massage room, gym or dining room, etc.
Thanks to this holistic approach to swimming pools, Desjoyaux not only brings you its technical expertise and exclusive products, but also helps you make this space a success with advice on the layout, accessories, decoration, etc. Your swimming pool becomes a new room you can use in a thousand and one different ways. All you need to do is dip a toe in the pool to feel like you're already on holiday!