Wellness the Desjoyaux way

Desjoyaux Spa : wellness in 5 senses and 7 relaxation effects

The Desjoyaux family spirit applied to spas immerses you in wellness. It doesn't matter if the sun is shining, whether the stars are out or if it's snowing... With our spa range, spa time is your time.

The therapeutic effect

Our spas are the ideal way to recover when you've been working your body hard. They are particularly good at relaxing tired muscles, soothing aches and muscular pain after intense exercise... The water jets target acupressure points to really focus their action. The most sensitive points are the spinal column, thighs, neck, shoulders, solar plexus, hips and soles of your feet. It's not by chance that SPA ("Sanitas Per Aquam") means "health through water".

The restful effect

Spending 20 minutes in a spa before going to bed considerably improves sleep quality (source: "National Sleep Council"). The warm water, combined with massages stimulating acupressure points, brings deeper sleep because you have got rid of the day's stress.

The relaxing effect

Hot water and jets stimulate the production of endorphins bringing you profound wellness once more throughout your body.  Our spas are fitted with carefully-designed seats and integrated cushions with five ergonomically-placed jets. The pumps stop automatically after operating very quietly for 20 minutes. Our unique patented insulation system, combined with an exclusive heating system, considerably reduces energy consumption and delivers ideal warmth.

The aromatherapy effect

Our spas include an aromatherapy diffuser  via its air blower, so you get the benefits of aromatherapy as well as those of water.

 The soothing effect

The first silent hydromassage, an intense immersive experience available as an option on some of our spas. The Hydrosilence system is a trademark and patent filed by Teuco.

The evasion effect

A completely water-proof sound system is available as an option on some of our spas.

The chromotherapy effect

Let yourself be lulled by lights that soothe your senses with a wide selection of customisable colours. The cascades and jets are transformed into a multi-coloured oasis, creating the ideal intimate atmosphere.