Increase the value of your property

Increase the value of your property

A swimming pool is a major asset when selling your property
Although the investment in building and maintaining a swimming pool may seem considerable at first, the pool can make a big difference to the value of your property.

A swimming pool is no longer considered to be a luxury

Nowadays when people talk about buying a house with a swimming pool, this no longer conjures up images of a luxurious lifestyle only accessible to a privileged few living on the Riviera.  Over the last ten years, pools have become increasingly widespread. Everybody dreams of having one, and that dream is now an affordable possibility!


House with swimming pool for sale

A house with a pool sells more easily and at a higher price than a house without a pool.  A pool is undoubtedly a major asset when negotiating the sale of your property. It represents an additional living area, a holiday atmosphere, it makes life more comfortable for the whole family.  If you have made an effort to carry out pool care and technical maintenance properly, and also to lay out the area around the pool combining good taste and common sense, you have every chance of being able to add considerable value to your property.


Market value

A pool adds between 5% and 20% to the market value of a house. When you sell your house, this added value will easily cover the costs of building and maintaining your pool. A piece of advice when showing people around your home... don't winterise your pool. Sparkling blue water will win over prospective buyers more easily!  Are you still hesitating?

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