Make sure your swimming pool is safe

Make sure your swimming pool is safe

Your pool is for relaxation, fun and games, but that also means you need to protect your children. Which is the most suitable safety system for your pool?

This is what the legislation says

All swimming pools built or installed since 1st January 2004 must be equipped with a safety system: barriers, alarms, covers or shelters. Depending on your budget and your aesthetic preferences, you will be spoilt for choice!

Four safety systems

Barriers, set up around the pool standing at a height of 1.10 m prevent children aged below 5 from gaining access to the pool. There are fixed, removable and detachable solutions.
A shelter enables you to extend the swimming season, while protecting your pool against external pollution. Desjoyaux shelters are designed to withstand bad weather.
For small budgets, the best solution is an alarm that either detects immersion in the pool, or detects if somebody approaches the pool.
Covers protect the pool against external pollution and preserve the water temperature. Their visual impact is virtually zero since they integrate perfectly into the pool. But be careful, for legal purposes certain types of cover do not constitute a safety system.

Guiding principle of vigilance

Although the law requires pool owners to install an approved safety system, nothing can replace the vigilance of parents. Each system must be used in line with advice given by a specialist. Don't forget that the basis for effective protection is to give young and old the right information!

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