Sport in the water

Sport in the water

How about transforming your pool into a gym?
From golf to cycling, many sports today have their aquatic version. Discover some activities you can easily do at home to really make the most of your pool.

The benefits of sport in the water

Have you had a long day at work? Half an hour of sport in your pool and you'll have forgotten everything!  Start the music to get into the rhythm, and as soon as you put your toe in the water you'll start to feel lighter… The principle is quite simple: the resistance you push against in water when you do exercise is greater than in air. This means your efforts are more intense and the results are augmented accordingly. The session is guaranteed to be effective. Although these activities are intense in terms of endurance and cardio-training, they are easy on your joints and back, and are great for stimulating blood circulation. This will enable you to increase your breathing capacity, sculpt your body, get rid of any cellulite, and leave a few kilos on the swimming pool floor. Above all you will evacuate all the stress built up during the day.

Examples of sports that are easy to do in your pool

To work your legs and tummy muscles, there's nothing better than an aqua-gym session. The movements are easy: raise your knee, do scissor movements, with your feet on the pool floor or holding onto a noodle. If you do this two or three times a week, the effect is guaranteed.

You can also do aqua-stepping on your pool steps. Step up, step down, and why not put some weights on your feet and webbed gloves on your hands to increase the water resistance and make the exercise a little bit harder?  

Aqua-boxing is ideal for really letting off steam. Put on your boxing gloves (adapted for use underwater) and let fly with upper-cuts, hooks and kicks! This activity is very cardio-intensive, and is perfect for evacuating your stress and keeping a slim figure.

You can also simply put some music on and have a dance ... are you tempted?

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